Batuki Music Society presents Mighty Popo’s CD launch on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at the Lula Lounge at 9 pm. Mighty Popo’s latest recording ‘Gakondo’, which means origins or traditions in ‘Kinyarwanda’ is a journey to his Rwandan roots. Three ancient musical expressions intertwine to create the sound of ‘theContinue Reading

Batuki Music Society: Nurturing The Community Some musicians hail from well established communities (early African immigrants such as Ghanaians, Nigerians, South Africans); and it is often at community events that they have opportunities to play for a fee or an honorarium. Most community functions depend on volunteers as well asContinue Reading

Batuki Music Society: Nurturing The Audience Summer months are the busiest ones for performers of African music especially in Toronto where festivals happen every weekend from early June to late September. Festival-goers enjoy a lot of free performances by local and international acts. It is also difficult for promoters andContinue Reading


Amadou Kiénou (Burkina Faso)   Bio Born in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, Amadou Kiénou is the seventh son of a family of praise singers from Dafing, originating from a tribe descended from the ancient Mandingue Empire. Trained from his youth to be a griot, through the rituals and ceremonies thatContinue Reading


Afrafranto (Ghana) Bio Afrafranto (‘Butterfly’ in the Akan language of Ghana, West Africa) performs authentic acoustic palm wine and highlife music. The only group outside Ghana preserving and promoting this unique genre, Afrafranto has grown into a dynamic group that has entertained audiences over the past few years with theirContinue Reading


About Batuki Music Society Batuki Music Society is an incorporated non-profit community-based organization that promotes African music and art through performances at music venues throughout the year and culminating into a weekend festival at the end of the programming season. The organization actively seeks out local artists and works withContinue Reading


Batuki Music Society: Nurturing Artists It is a difficult and arduous task to practice music and try to make a living in today’s economy. It is more difficult for new Canadians to grasp the process of creating music, developing, marketing, performing and touring. Batuki Music Society has identified some ofContinue Reading

One of Canada’s top roots reggae collectives, the House of David Gang specialize in the timeless and classic Jamaican reggae sound of the 1970s and early 80s. “The Gang” is a certifiable reggae orchestra, paying homage to the soulful roots rock reggae sound of the greats such as Bob Marley,Continue Reading