Daniel Nebiat

Batuki Music Society and the Gladstone Hotel present

Daniel Nebiat
Friday, APRIL 1st, 2011

Born and raised in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, Daniel Nebiat picked up the krar (a five or six-stringed instrument from Ethiopia and Eritrea) at an early age, performing traditional songs and singing in his language, Tigrigna.

In Canada since 1996, Nebiat’s career had been focused on community celebrations, weddings, festivals and nightclub performances of both popular and traditional Eritrean music. In 2006, Nebiat performed at the Glenn Gould Studio for CBC’s Onstage, at the “Horn of Africa” concert. He has participated at Afrofest, Afrikadey, Eritrean Cultural Day and Bana y’Afrique festivals. Nebiat opened for Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 at Harbourfront Centre in 2007. The same year, he earned the distinction of being the first African artist showcased in Wavelength, the legendary launchpad for Toronto’s indie music scene. Nebiat’s first CD ‘Hakimey” was released in August 2008; it features original and traditional Eritrean songs.

Recently in late February 2011, Nebiat returned to the Glenn Gould Studio as a member of Okavango: An African Orchestra, created by Batuki Music Society. While exposed to a wider audience now, Daniel Nebiat continues to be in high demand for cultural and social events and weddings in Eritrean and Ethiopian communities across Canada and the U.S.

Guest appearance by Jaivah Dance Showcase: Saba Sabina, Rumbi Louise & Fumu Jahmez

Jaivah Dance Troupe is a Toronto dance company specializing in traditional and contemporary dance from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Southern Africa and Egypt. Ethiopian-born Saba, the directress of Jaivah, is a versatile and innovative dancer, choreographer and instructor known for her uniqueness in many traditional and fusion dance styles.
Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, Rumbi is currently a lead dancer with Jaivah.
Guest artist Fumu Jahmez is a performing artist who specializes as a dancer, singer, poet, and writer. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and grown up in Canada, Jahmez is currently an apprentice with COBA.

Guest DJ Apollo will be spinning from his vast collection of popular African hits.

This is the first event of the World Concert Series, now in its third year.
The series features a diverse lineup of performers with a strong focus on African music.
Each event takes place on the first Friday of each month from 7 – 10 pm.,
at the Gladstone Hotel located at 1214 Queen St. West, Toronto, is all-ages and free!

(please note program change: Mel M’rabet originally scheduled had to cancel due to illness.)

Batuki Music Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Gladstone Hotel.

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