About Batuki Music



About Batuki Music Society

Batuki Music Society is an incorporated non-profit community-based organization that promotes African music and art through performances at music venues throughout the year and culminating into a weekend festival at the end of the programming season. The organization actively seeks out local artists and works with them by helping find performance venues, advice on career development, music recording, touring and management. Batuki Music Society also provides visibility and necessary publicity to artists who hail from minority groups by placing them in concerts and festivals in mainstream venues to help them integrate. Learn more about how Batuki Nurtures our artists.

Batuki Music Society’s artistic vision is to encourage local African musicians to participate in enriching the diverse arts and cultural scene that is found in this beautiful city through live music shows, visual arts displays, and festivals. Batuki Music Society’s programming will also include some component of African music such as; Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Cuban (Afro-Latino), and Afro-Brazilian. Black History Month will also be a feature of Batuki Music Society’s annual programming, and this will include music and dance performances, spoken word/poetry, and film screenings.

Batuki Music Society also partners with other non-profit music presenters to launch concerts or shows.

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