Nurturing The Artists

As many of you already know, it is a difficult and arduous task to practice music and try to make a living in today’s economy. It is more difficult for new Canadians to grasp the process of creating music, developing, marketing, performing and touring. Batuki Music Society is here for the Artists...


Nurturing The Audience

Batuki Music works very hard to  attract and retain the audience. Some shows are free to the public, others are ‘pay what you can’, and some ticketed. A sliding scale is employed for most ticketed shows to ensure that those with minimal income can attend. Batuki Music Society is here for the Audience...


Nurturing The Community

Most community functions depend on volunteers as well as artists donating their time. Batuki Music Society has been approached by several communities requesting help in organizing their functions, especially planning and executing performances. Batuki Music Society is here for the Community...


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Happy Holidays to all! We look forward to your continuing support in the New Year.

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